JFrameBuilder 3.3.1

GUI Builder

JFrameBuilder is a software application that allows you to build a graphical user interface without having to worry about making a code to work along with it.

This software allows designers and programmers to have an easy solution for creating complex interfaces in their projects. JFrameBuilder is capable of generating a Java code that is readable to programmers after design of the interface is done.

Simply create the interface itself, add buttons, plan out windows and scroll bars. add text and graphics and the program will do the coding for you.

The generated Java code does not need any additional library or compiler to run. You can also set component properties and event handling methods with an understandable interface on the program itself.

This software supports four kinds of layout managers for the JPanel. Overall, JFrameBuilder is a no nonsense designing software tool for graphical user interfaces that is easy to use and creates codes in an instant.